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First Creation Media serves as a one-stop shop for web design and media solutions. Whether you are looking for custom website design, social media management or someone to handle your video presentations, we provide the high quality service you want at amazingly affordable prices. Our budget friendly solutions make it easy for start-up business owners, experienced entrepreneurs who want to dry-test new concepts and organizations alike to be successful. To learn more on how to get your particular needs met, we invite you to speak with a specialist today.


Read all of the following instructions prior to placing your order. This ensures that the process runs as seamlessly for clients as possible.
  • Use the contact form on the "Contact" page if you wish to set up an initial consultation prior to ordering. The first 15 minutes of consultation is free, additional time will be assessed at $45 per hour. Please include the best phone number that you can be reached by one of our team members.
  • Average website turnaround time is 5 days.
  • The design rate is $55 per hour.
  • The total cost of the project will be assessed based on the projected time required to complete the project. All rates are customized based on the client's desire for the design and functionality of their website and will be invoiced to the client in the project proposal. The project proposal serves as both the personalized plan for the website and a service agreement between the client and First Creation Media. It must be reviewed and signed by the client and submitted to First Creation Media along with payment prior to the start of the project. Proposals may be signed and submitted in person or emailed to
  • At least a 50% non-refundable deposit of the total cost of your project is required in order to begin the project.
  • It is to the benefit of the client to supply all verbiage, graphics and images. First Creation Web Design supplying verbiage, graphics and images will result in additional fees. These fees will be among the invoiced items in the project proposal. Graphics may be sent in PNG, JPEG, TIF or PSD format. All verbiage should be provided in Word file format.
  • After payment of invoice, email verbiage, graphics and images to
  • Project start date is 24 hours after receipt of all proprietary items.
  • Proprietary items necessary for client website design must be received by us within 72 hours of your invoice payment. Production schedule subject to change dramatically when client proprietary items are not submitted within the aforementioned time frame.
  • Remaining balance is due upon completion of project(s). Completed website(s) will not be released to the client until final payment is received.
  • For website management services: it is required that your First Creation management specialist have a content management account to access the administration area of your website. The content management account is what enables your management specialist the necessary access to apply edits and updates to your website.
  • For social media management services: It is required that your First Creation management specialist have at least an editor's account on your Facebook Page. You also have the option of making your management specialist an Admin. Doing so is easy: once your management specialist likes your page, go to Settings>>Page Roles>>add your specialist's name and assign them the role you want them to have.
  • Website management and social media management services are billed monthly. The due date of your bill will fall on either the 1st, 15th or 25th of the month. Your due date is determined by when you sign up for the service.
    • Between the 1st and 10th - Due on the 1st of the month
    • Between the 11th and 20th - Due on the 15th of the month
    • Between the 21st and final day of the month - Due on the 25th of the month
  • Customers who use the website management and social media management services will be billed by invoice. Invoice must be paid within 48 hours of receipt in order to avoid service interruption.

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